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Birmingham Midshires Mortgage Product Transfer

BM Solutions Buy to Let Product Transfer Rates

Rates for existing customers current as of January 11, 2024

2 years Fixed5.59%30/04/2026£065%
2 years Fixed5.07%30/04/2026£149965%
5 years Fixed4.83%30/04/2029£065%
5 years Fixed4.62%30/04/2029£149965%
2 years Tracker5.79%30/04/2026£065%

BM Solutions doesn't have a standard set of rates for product transfers anymore. Starting from June 1st, 2022, each customer gets their own set of rates to pick from. The rates we've seen are currently the lowest offered.

Is your BM Solutions Mortgage rate ending before July 1, 2024? If it is, you can secure a new rate now to kick in when your current rate ends

You can lock in a mortgage rate now to shield yourself from future rate increases. If rates go down before your new rate kicks in, you can change to the lower rate.

BM Solutions Product Transfer Rates 75% LTV

Rates for existing customers current as of January 11, 2024

2 years Fixed5.76%30/04/2026£075%
2 years Fixed5.24%30/04/2026£149975%
5 years Fixed5.02%30/04/2029£075%
5 years Fixed4.81%30/04/2029£149975%
2 years Tracker5.93%30/04/2026£075%

Please note: BM Solutions do not have a standard set of rates for product transfers. As of 1st June 2022 each individual customer is now offered their own set of rates to choose from. The rates shown are the lowest we have seen offered currently.

Birmingham Midshires Mortgage buy to let existing customers need to arrange a product transfer through specialist brokers like ourselves. The good news is that we can arrange a Brimingham Midshires Mortgage Product Transfer for you swiftly, easily, and free of charge.

Get our BM Solutions product transfer service for your Birmingham Midshires mortgage.

  • No Appointment Needed Fast Service

  • No Paperwork Requires

  • No Hassle And Best Of All No Broker Fees

  • No Broker Fees

How to Get a Birmingham Midshires Buy to Let Mortgage Product Transfer if You're an Existing Customer

To set up your BM Solution Buy to Let mortgage product transfer, we require the following details.

  • If your mortgage account number starts with '2' or '02', it has been replaced by a number starting with '60'.

  • The full postal address of the buy to let property

  • Your full name(s) and contacts details

  • Your home address

  • Your date of birth

Once we get your account number, we'll check with the lender to find out how much is left on your mortgage, what they think your property is worth, and what options you have for changing your mortgage. Then you can pick what you want to do. We'll ask Birmingham Midshires for the new interest rate for you.

House Price Index

As an existing BM Solutions buy to let borrower, the mortgage rates you're offered for a new product depend on the loan to value of your mortgage account. This ratio compares the estimated value of your property to your mortgage balance, which is influenced by the House Price Index. When the House Price Index drops, property values decrease and loan to value ratios increase. Higher loan to value ratios may limit your access to competitive rates. The upcoming House Price Index, expected in early January 2024, is likely to show reduced values due to current market conditions.

How does this affect you if you already have a mortgage with BM Solutions?

If your current rate is ending within the next six months, you have the opportunity to lock in a new rate before any valuation adjustments take place.

Locking in a rate now will keep you safe from potential drops in property value or upcoming increases in interest rates.

If the mortgage rates for existing BM Solutions borrowers go down before your new rate kicks in, you can choose to switch to the lower rate.

Overpayment allowances

You can make extra payments on your Birmingham Midshires mortgage without any fees. You're allowed to pay up to 10% of what you owe each year..
Further to this, if you repay your mortgage in full within six months of making a regular or lump If you want to pay more than your regular mortgage amount, make sure to ask the lender about any limits. If you go over the limit or pay off the mortgage early, you might have to pay a charge. This includes any extra payments you've already made. So, it's best to double-check with the lender before making any extra payments.

Comparing BM Solutions product transfer rates: How do they stack up?

Birmingham Midshires offers competitive rates for product transfers, but you might find better deals elsewhere. As whole of market brokers, we can compare rates for you to make sure you get the best deal possible. If you choose to switch to a new lender instead of doing a product transfer, remember that you'll need to:

  • Pass a credit score with the new lender

  • Have the property valued

  • Prove your rental income*

  • Prove bank statements (with most lenders)

  • Prove your earned income (with most lenders)

  • Cover legal costs (although some lenders will pay these for you)


About Birmingham Midshires – BM Solutions

BM Solutions, which is a part of the Lloyds Banking Group, is a leading provider of buy to let mortgages in the UK. Here, we highlight some of the factors that contribute to BM Solutions' popularity in the market, as well as important considerations regarding their underwriting process.

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